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Baby Girl with Soother


6 weeks - 11 mos

We provide every infant with a safe, secure environment filled with warm adult interaction.  This encourages infants to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.  

Our infant program is tailored to offer personalized care in a small group setting.  Because every infant has a unique routine for eating, sleeping and playing, we partner with parents to establish a personalized plan that is continually updated to meet the individual needs.  We deeply believe infants are affected by the quality of their environment and prioritize ensuring our infant classroom is a nurturing environment where healthy social and emotional interaction, language acquisition and motor control are developed.  

Utilizing the Innovations Curriculum for Infants, our caregivers provide intentional cognitive experiences for your infant.  Caregivers model social language skills such as "please", "thank you" and "great job", so infants become familiar with language and sound.  Activities that are particularly engaging for your child, caregivers promote with positive reinforcement.  They expand on each experience at school using rich vocabulary, strong connections, and consistent care. 

Our infant classrooms provide personal, warm and loving care in a colorful, stimulating, clean and healthy environment.  The small child to teacher ratio in these classes allow for plenty of one to one interaction. 

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